Alexander Clayworks
As a child, I can remember digging the clay in the backyard and playing for hours. My creations ran the gamut from mud pies to tiny walled structures that would soon be trampled by little plastic army men. At the time, I had no inkling that my life would eventually come full circle. I had no idea that this malleable orange earth that I dug in my youth was going to transform my life as an adult. I've made my life in clay for nearly twenty years, a short time for a potter, and it continues to surprise and inspire me. For me, clay represents a simple metaphor for life. With care, practice and patience, a humble piece of clay can become a beautiful ceramic object that is both hard and durable yet easily destroyed with carelessness. Although I share the fundamentals of fine craftsmanship with my students, the most important lessons can only be learned through a lifetime of practice.